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    Moochies Instructions


    Long ago the happy, peaceful Moochies left the violence and conflict of the human world behind. Now they live in the Forgotten Land, far beyond the reach of the big people. Or so it was. Their happy life has been shattered by the appearance of Tarai, the evil magician. From Entity Castle in the Valley of Gloom, he threatens to destroy all of them.

    Only the legenday spellbuster machine can force him out of the forgotten land. Unfortunately Tarai has stolen the spellbuster, broken it into 24 pieces and scattered them around his castle. The Moochies' only hope is that you will be able to collect all of these pieces and recreate the machine.


    Swtich on computer and insert disk 1 into drive df0. Press the left mouse button to skip quickly through the intro sequence onto the selection screen.

    Here you can set the number of players and how each will control their Moochie. There are 4 Moochies - Bit, Bud, Bat and Bob - and so a maximum of 4 players (if you have a joystick socket adapter). Each can choose to use joystick 1-4, mouse 1-2, or 1 of 4 keyboard combinations. Set up control of the Moochies with the joystick - up / down to go to a new character, left / right to change device selection. Each Moochie can also be turned off (represented by the crossed red circle), allowing less than 4 players. Players will do best if they work together to overcome their insidious environment.

    On the same screen you can set sound to music, effects or silence, and define the game level from which you want to start. Whilst you think, the computer will also tell you more of the story of the Moochies.

    Press fire to start the game.

    The Castle

    The castle contains around 200 rooms, each containing a different puzzle, all of which must be visited to complete the game. In each room, the aim is to move the three bonus blocks together, and so collect the special bonus. The most important bonus is a piece of the spellbuster machine, but there are many other types, which you will have to find out about yourself!

    Pressure Pads

    Some of Castle Entity's room are hidden; their doors won't appear (usually) until you step onto one of the small grey pressure pads you will find. Pressure pads can also be used to open and close all doors, which can be vital to solving a room.

    Teleport Squares

    Another class of strange object to be found in the castle is the teleport square. These will take you to new sections of the castle, some of which cannot be visited in any other way.

    Moving between Levels

    The castle is made up of several floors. To go up or down, use the holes in the ground and teleport squares.

    Game Options

    Press CAPS LOCK to pause the game, and ESCAPE to quit. HELP will reset the room to the state it was in when you entered it, which can be very useful if make a mistake. DEL will return you to the first room of the game. This panic move should only be made if you are completely trapped somewhere in the castle.

    The Endgame

    If you ever manage to collect all 24 pieces of the spellbuster, you will be given a chance to re-assemble it. The highest scoring player will be allowed to try first, and then each of the others in turn. Assemble the blocks into a picture of the machine before your time runs out.

    Play Example

    To start you off, here's an example of how to solve one puzzle. Plug your mouse into joystick port 1, and your joystick into port 2. Load up the game, and get to the selection screen. Set one Moochie to Joystick 2, and the others to off, and start the game.

    Quickly move your Moochie down through the door at the bottom of the the screen, being careful to avoid the red nasties. The 3 bonus blocks are to your left and right, and near bottom right corner of the screen. Go to the square underneath the third bonus square. Turn to face upwards, by trying to move up. Now press fire, and the block will be pushed up next to the top right one.

    Move to the square one left of the last isolated block. Face right, and hit fire. All 3 blocks should be lined up. One will be replaced by the '?BONUS' sign. Move onto the sign to collect the bonus - an extra life in this case.


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